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LAND AREA 1,314 km²

Things You Need to Know After Buying the Mudurnu Bus Ticket

Mudurnu is one of the touristic districts of Bolu. It is the most visited place after Abant. You can go and see it by purchasing a Mudurnu bus ticket on Obilet.com.

There are many travel companies that provide bus services to Mudurnu. You can see all of these companies in detail on obilet.com. You can buy your Mudurnu bus ticket from the appropriate company by comparing prices and features between them.

Where to visit in Mudurnu?

There are many places and buildings you can visit in Mudurnu. Clock Tower, Yıldırım Beyazıt Mosque, Keyvanlar Mansion, Armutçular Mansion and Hacı Abdullah Mansion are historical buildings that should be seen.

You can go to Babas and Sarot hot springs and get healing, or spend time in nature by visiting the villages of the city center.

What to eat in Mudurnu?

You can't go to Mudurnu without eating chicken, you should definitely try it. Another flavor identified with the district is zucchini pancake. Moreover; Don't forget to taste delicacies such as palace halva, homemade baklava, cranberry soup and spoonsapı.

Where to stay in Mudurnu?

Since Mudurnu is a touristic place, accommodation options are quite wide. There are many options, from boutique and thematic hotels to hostels.

Mudurnu is an ideal route for a short weekend getaway. You can have a getaway in a short time by purchasing your ticket on obilet.com.


It was established somewhere in the valley, 50 km southwest of Bolu city center. Its history dates back to ancient times. Located on the route of the Silk Road, Mudurnu was a place used as a shopping and accommodation point for many years. Mudurnu is home to historical structures that can be preserved until today. Mudurnu, with its travertines, thermal springs, Karamurat lake, mansions and nature, has not been a nested settlement due to the buildings built with the intention of allowing every house to receive sunlight.

Mudurnu ticket

It is a beautiful place where you will go without thinking when buying.

Things You Need to Know After Buying Mudurnu Bus Ticket

mudurnu busticket

If you have purchased one, you will not have any problems in transportation or meeting your needs since the bus terminal is in the city center.

You can easily get from the bus terminal to the city center by public transportation or bus company services.

5 Reasons to Visit Mudurnu

  • Historical Mansions
  • Akkayalar Travertines
  • hot springs
  • Traditional foods
  • Karamurat and Sülüklü Lake
  • Places to Visit in Mudurnu

    Mudurnu Central Bazaar is one of the important places to visit. You can see the crafts unique to Mudurnu and shop for local products.

    For more than 600 years, tradesmen have been performing the Ahilik prayer, that is, the tradesmen's prayer, in the central bazaar. This is why it is included in the UNESCO temporary world heritage.

    It is a district worth visiting with the Yıldırım Beyazıt Mosque built in 1374, the Suleiman the Magnificent Mosque built in 1546, Mudurnu clock tower, Doruk tomb among the Mudurnu castle ruins, Yıldırım Beyazıt bath, mansions and Sarot thermal spring.

    Therefore, you should definitely visit these areas and learn about their history.

    What to Eat in Mudurnu? What is it famous for?


    It is famous for its local dishes that appeal to the palate with their endless flavors such as spoon handle, sini pasta, gaygana, lokma, oğmaç soup, pear pickle and many more.

    Bus Stations in Mudurnu

    Mudurnu Otobüs Terminali 14800 Bolu

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