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Kuzuluk is a district of Sakarya that is famous for its thermals. In this respect, it is a place of great importance and receives visitors. If you would like to visit, you can purchase your Kuzuluk bus ticket via obilet.com.

Kuzuluk bus services are generally provided by local travel companies. You can see all companies in detail on obilet.com. By comparing prices and features, you can choose the company that suits you and buy your Kuzuluk bus ticket from them.

Where to visit in Kuzuluk?

Since Kuzuluk is a place famous for its hot springs, this should be your primary reason for going. Kuzuluk Thermal Springs cures many diseases you can think of. It is known that it is good for diseases such as orthopedic disorders, neurological disorders, circulatory diseases and arthritis.

Apart from the hot spring, there are also beautiful places to see in Kuzuluk. Aksartepe and Keremali Mountain and plateau, which will attract the attention of trekking lovers, should definitely be seen.

There are also tombs in Akyazı waiting to be seen and visited. Mir Ali, Martyr Kerim Tomb, Martyr Kerem Ali Tomb, Seven Brothers Tomb should definitely be visited.

Also, Kuzuluk mineral water is famous. You can drink it when you go and even fill it in a bottle and bring it back.

If you want to spend time with nature, you can go to Kuzuluk National Park.

What to eat in Kuzuluk?

The thing that is especially recommended to eat when you go to Kuzuluk is trout. Don't leave without eating trout at the restaurants and facilities in the district. Except this; You should also eat mihlama and kasharli mushrooms.

Where to stay in Kuzuluk?

If you go to Kuzuluk hot springs, you can stay in the thermal facilities there. Additionally, there are facilities where you can stay in the town centre.

Kuzuluk is a place that attracts attention with its hot springs and beauty. It can be a pleasant getaway to sweeten your weekends. You can buy your ticket and go via Obilet.com.

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