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Information About Kurecik

CITY Malatya

Things You Need to Know After Buying the Kurecik Bus Ticket

Kürecik, a district of Malatya province, is located in a base location. The district, which has become a center of attention for visitors with its magnificent forests and mountains, is known to have been used as a protected area in the 1960s.

If you want to see the places worth visiting in this district, you should first decide which transportation route you want to take. Then, if you want to go by plane, you can get from the nearest airport.

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Places to Visit in Kürecik

If you want to see the historical places of the district, known as the battlefield,

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You can easily travel around with your private vehicles. The place that is definitely said not to leave without seeing:

Kürecik Radar Base:
  • The base, which is a military installation, is a place abandoned by American soldiers and left to Turkish soldiers. The base literally takes you back to that period with its magnificent appearance.
  • What to Eat in Kürecik?Malatya flights

    When you arrive in the district, you should definitely try the following food:

    Apricot Roast:
  • In this district of Malatya, which is famous for its apricots, they get a perfect taste by mixing fruit and meat.
  • Where to Stay in Kürecik?

    In terms of accommodation, Kürecik has apartment and hostel style hotels. The extensive facilities offered by these hotels provide great convenience to visitors staying in the district. Moreover

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    Kürecik village in Malatya province, which has a very interesting story in its past, is famous for being used as a base for the NATO missile system. Kürecik village, a village in the Akçadağ district of Malatya province, is a unique settlement in historical terms. It is of great importance especially for Türkiye.

    This village, which has been preferred as a base in many areas throughout history due to its geographical location, still bears its traces. Historical values that have survived to the present day without being assimilated are often striking. Kürecik village, which is also the favorite of America, has developed itself considerably, especially in the field of economy.

    What You Need to Know After Buying a Kürecik Bus Ticket

    Road transportation used to reach Kürecik village, Malatya

    bus ticket

    It starts with the acquisition of . The most important point to know during this journey is that this village is a very protected area due to its value.

    5 Reasons to Visit Kürecik

    Among the reasons sought to visit Kürecik village, which is preferred as an important radar base by many countries;

  • It has very important historical heritage,
  • It is a very important geographical area for many countries in the world,
  • Its location is of great importance,
  • Allowing the recognition of Alevi culture,
  • There are reasons such as recognition of different traditions and customs.
  • Places to Visit in Kürecik

    Apart from the historical and geographical importance of Kürecik village, the places to visit in the village are also of great importance. These places include areas such as Arga Hill Mound, Akçadağ Harunuşağı Inscriptions, Direkli Pınar, Bağköy cemetery, Başyurt plateau.

    What to Eat in Kürecik? What is it famous for?

    Although Kürecik village is known as an extremely important place on its own, it is affected by the Akçadağ district to which it is affiliated in some areas. The most famous food variety in Kürecik village is known as Akçadağ Armutu. It is a pear variety that is grown quite frequently with its unique scent and characteristics.

    In terms of food culture, it is mostly influenced by Malatya.


    Kara soup, spicy ayran, Analı Kızlı, Pimpirim soup are among the delicacies that should be tasted in Kürecik village after the transportation provided by car.

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