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One of the most preferred towns by summer vacationers living in Istanbul is Kumbağ. Kumbağ is one of the beautiful places of Tekirdağ. It is a region where the Marmara Sea is cleaner, where natural beauties are more abundant, and where it is completely away from the chaos of the city. You can purchase your Kumbağ bus ticket via obilet.com.

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Where to visit in Kumbağ?

There are very few buildings in Kumbağ that can be visited in particular. When you come here, you can have a quiet and pleasant summer holiday by enjoying the forests, pine groves, sea, sand and sun.

You can take a slightly challenging walk and go to the Kumbağ pine groves and have a pleasant picnic in front of a magnificent view. It is also recommended to watch the sunset from here.

You can swim in areas such as the Military Camp, the Ministry of Agriculture Camp, the Fisherman's Shelter, Gündal and the Municipality Public Beach.

You can visit the surrounding villages in Kumbağ. You should definitely visit these villages: Gaziköy, Hoşköy, Mürefte and Uçmakdere, which will impress you with their nature, air and sea. Gaziköy, Hoşköy and Mürefte villages are the first known wine production centers in Anatolia. You can visit the centers here and taste wine. You can also see the historical Greek winery located in Kumbağ.

You should stop by the fishing lodges in Mürefte village. There you can enjoy the view and the sea and take lots of photos.

What to eat in Kumbağ?

Consider that it is connected to Tekirdağ and do not forget to eat Tekirdağ meatballs. You are in a place rich in fish; You can eat lots of fresh fish.

If you go for a stroll, turn your route to İnecik Village and eat village sausage there or even take it home. You won't be able to get enough of its taste.

Among the local flavors of Kumbağ; There are dishes such as kalle, şarasura, borani with yoghurt, jawçarpan soup, elbasan tava, and gulbarak pastry. For dessert, you should definitely try zerde, starch halva and semolina stuffing.

Where to stay in Kumbag?

Kumbağ is generally a summer resort, but there are a few boutique hotels and hostels. If you wish; You can also rent a house for seasonal, weekly or monthly periods.

For weekend getaways, turn your route to Kumbağ. To have a pleasant and happy holiday, you can buy your Kumbağ bus ticket via obilet.com.

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