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CITY Gaziantep

Things You Need to Know After Buying the Coals Bus Ticket

Kömürler is one of the districts of Gaziantep. Kömürler is the name known to the public, but the real name of the district is Nurdağı. You can explore the district by purchasing Kömürler bus tickets via Obilet.com.

You can view all companies operating Kömürler bus services in detail on obilet.com. By comparing prices and features, you can choose the company that suits you and buy your Kömürler bus ticket online.

Where to visit in Kömürler?

There are many buildings that can be visited in Kömürler district. Hz. You can visit Ukkaşe Tomb. You should definitely see the building known as Hurşit Ağa-Zerda Mansion.

What to eat in Kömürler?

Since Kömürler is a district of Gaziantep, you can eat delicious dishes. You shouldn't leave without trying Yuvalama, Antep kebab, beyti and Gavurdağı salad, which is unique to this place.

Where to stay in Kömürler?

The only accommodation facility you can stay in Kömürler is the teacher's house. You can stay there or stay in another district and come here for a day trip.

Kömürler is a special and enjoyable place that you should buy tickets for and see on obilet.com.


It is known that the neighborhood was once a settlement for citizens who migrated from Adıyaman and was established in this way. It is thought that the entire settlement was called Kömürler because a family living in the region whose surname was Kömüroğlu owned most of the land.

It is known that this region, which is located on the shores of one of the important highways of the region today, has actually been close to important migration and trade routes throughout history. For this reason, it is a fact that the region where Kömürler is located has been on an important trade route since the Hittites and thus has been constantly intertwined with development.

The fact that the agricultural lands of this region at the foot of Mount Amanos are very productive has led the people living in this region to engage in agriculture. The impact of the industrial growth of Gaziantep province was, of course, seen in these regions and industrial investments began to be made.

Things You Need to Know After Buying a Kömürler Bus Ticket

Kömürler bus ticket

After purchasing it, you should know that you have chosen the appropriate region to travel into history. Both the surroundings of Gaziantep and Kahramanmaraş are very rich in this respect, and Kömürler is located right in the middle of these two important centers.

5 Reasons to Visit Kömürler

  • The region where the world's important historical monuments are located
  • Turkey's gourmet city Gaziantep
  • Cultural and artistic activities
  • trading opportunities
  • Fertile agricultural lands and advanced modern agricultural practices
  • Places to Visit in Kömürler

    Kömürler region, located within the borders of Gaziantep


    There are many places you need to visit after your purchase. Hz. We recommend that you include places such as Ukkaşe Tomb, Nurdağı Castle, Hurşit Ağa Mansion, Kullar Recreation Area on your travel list.

    What to Eat in Kömürler? What is it famous for?

    Antep dishes are among the words we hear from the mouths of almost everyone who visits Antep. We definitely recommend you to taste the dishes made by masters from Antep. We especially recommend dishes such as Pistachio, Maraş Ice Cream, Baklava, Şöbiyet, Eggplant Kebab, Lahmacun, Borani, Pimpirik Aşı, Öçeçe, Kabalama.

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