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LAND AREA 159 km²
CITY Ankara

Things You Need to Know After Buying the Kecioren Bus Ticket

Keçiören, a district of Ankara, the capital of Turkey, is located in a metropolitan location. It always attracts attention with its forests. While the district was previously a neighborhood within the Altındağ district, it has now been referred to as a district since 1984. That's why it is listed as a neighborhood in the records. With its crowded population, it is at the top of Turkey's population rankings. It also contains a total of 47 neighborhoods among the plain-looking mountains.

If you want to visit these forest-rich neighborhoods, you first decide which transportation route you want to take. Then, if you want to go by bus, your first stop is the bus station. At the bus station

Keçiören bus companies

You can do a short research within this scope. During your research, you come across companies such as Keçiören Tepebaşı Metro Turizm. From one of these companies

Keçiören bus ticket

You can start your journey by purchasing it. After arriving at Ankara bus terminal, you can choose the metro or bus to go to the city center.

Places to Visit in Keçiören

The places you can visit in Keçiören, which was initially a neighborhood but later became a district, are listed as follows:

Esztergom Castle:Keçiörenbus services
  • Esztergom Castle, which you can easily go to, shows the costumes from the past and the structure of the civilizations that lived in the region.
  • Keçiören Cable Car:
  • The cable car, which is one of the most popular activities in the district, attracts the attention of both foreign and domestic tourists. It allows you to look at an area of approximately 2 km from above, like birds. This image that you will admire will fascinate you in every sense.
  • Pets Park:
  • The park, which can be visited by the family, is the center of attention of everyone, especially children. You should definitely go to this place, where it is possible to see camels.
  • What to Eat in Keçiören?Keçiören bus ticket prices

    This crowded town you come to by looking at it is a very diverse place in terms of local dishes. Definitely do not return to this place without tasting the following delicacy:

    Kaklagan Goose:
  • This dish, which is important for Tatarstan and Kazakhstan, is among the local flavors of the district as it is carefully prepared in Keçiören.
  • Albanian Liver:
  • It is made by blending ingredients such as liver, flour, salt and spices, made with frying oil. For this reason, the liver strained from the oil has a special taste.
  • Ankara Pan:
  • It is made from meat with bones and rice cooked in meat juice. Pan-fried food, which is a satisfying food, is both delicious and available at affordable prices.
  • Where to Stay in Keçiören?

    There are many accommodation options in Keçiören, such as hotels, hostels and apartments. For this reason, Keçiören stands out with its wide range of accommodation opportunities. Also, if you want, one of the alternative ways to Keçiören hotels is

    Ankaraflight ticket

    You can also come by taking it. Offering a wide range of accommodation opportunities, Keçiören hotel owners and their staff offer you a comfortable accommodation. If

    Ankara flights

    If you choose to go to the city via , you can reach your hotel quickly.

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