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Information About Cappadocia

LAND AREA 574 km²
CITY Nevşehir

Things You Need to Know After Buying the Cappadocia Bus Ticket

Hotels in Cappadocia

Referred to as the land of fairies, a region admired by many, Cappadocia welcomes millions of tourists each year with its unique topography. Today, Cappadocia denotes a vast area where Nevşehir, Kırşehir, Niğde, Aksaray, and Kayseri provinces are located. It is among the most visited tourist destinations in the country with popular districts of Uçhisar, Göreme, Ürgüp and Avanos. Its undying popularity isn’t surprising at all, considering its natural beauty and colorful history. Think of it, there is a big chunk of history to learn, delicious local food to feast on and a truly wonderful name to comprehend: Cappadocia with all its sublime beauty! That being the case, hotels in Cappadocia Turkey swarm with visitors coming from different parts of the world all year round. The ultimate places to internalize the beauty of the region, on the other hand, are no other than the best hotels in Cappadocia with a viewwhere you can soak up its beauty from the window of your room. Why not wander around the Ihlara Valley, or maybe climb your way up to the Sivrikaya Castle in Ortahisar? Let’s not forget about the hot air balloons which are by far the most famous tourist attractions. Maybe even pay a visit to the fairies in the fairy chimneys! That is a joke obviously as there are no real fairies involved in Cappadocia. Fairy chimneys are merely a rock formation of volcanic ash processed in a million years. But on a metaphorical level, you will surely think that this place might be a wonderland due to its mystic grandeur. It always feels different to come to Cappadocia, some even find it life-changing. Walking around, you will feel like the earth under your feet is levitating, almost like magic, making you think that Cappadocia is out of this world! After all, it has a world-wide reputation for a reason.

History of Cappadocia

As for its genealogy, Cappadocia was known as Hatti in the Late Bronze Age under the reign of Hittites. But after the fall of the Hittites, the region was controlled by some sort of a feudal system. Although it was later included into the Persian satrapy by the famous ruler Darius, it had its inner dynamics still intact, just like a state. Then again, it is known that after Alexander the Great ended the rule of the Persians, the previous satrap of the region who had been known by the name Ariarthes, declared himself the king of the region. Consequently, the Cappadocian Kingdom came to live together with the Macedonian Kingdom of Alexander in peace until the death of Alexander. The history of beauteous Cappadocia was quite interesting in the ancient Roman times too in which the first of Christians were living in the Roman Empire. However, as there was an oppression against the Christian beliefs in the empire, the Christians had to find their ways of secretly worshiping and housing in the valleys of the Cappadocia region, therefore inspiring today’s tourism with the luxury cave hotels in Cappadocia.In addition, a lot of religious architecture and art pieces were made in the region such as frescos. All in all, being one of the most ancient sites of human occupation, Cappadocia serves to be a wondrous place for the ones who are especially interested in early Christian history.

Cappadocia Vacation

As Cappadocia is a sublime and mysterious place influenced by many civilizations and hence marked with a long-rooted history, it remains in the bucket lists of many people. In accordance with its popularity, hotels in Cappadocia are quite varied, operating with different themes and concepts to appeal to different tastes. Cave hotels in Cappadocia, for example, simulate the ancient housing techniques used by the early Christians in the Roman period. Cave hotels are also probably the most popular type of lodging in the region due to their unique appearance. A vacation in Cappadocia is in fact something extraordinary with its picturesque landscape, ancient history most of which remains a mystery as well as its quality hotels where you can dine well. A time spent in Cappadocia is to be remembered and cherished for a lifetime, that’s for sure! It goes without saying, it is highly recommended to make your reservations in advance especially if you are to book a room in one of the best hotels in Cappadociaas they quickly reach their full capacity.

Cappadocia Accommodation Options

Accommodation in Cappadocia Turkey comes with numerous options to choose from in accordance with your needs and preferences. Your criteria might differ in terms of location, service, luxury, price and so on. Rest assured that there is an equivalent in Cappadocia for every expectation and you can easily find the best fit for you. For starters, 5 star hotels in Cappadociawhich provide a more comprehensive service and luxury amenities draw considerable attention of those who are looking for something exquisite to have the maximum comfort in their holiday. If you are looking for a budget friendly alternative, on the other hand, you can consider staying at cheap hotels in Cappadocia which provide efficient services at reasonable prices. Regardless of your choice of accommodation, there is no doubt that you will much enjoy your time in Cappadocia as the region has an overall bewitching ambiance.

When to Visit Cappadocia?

Think of a place which is enchanting all throughout the year with different settings. Cappadocia is as lovely when the snow falls as it is during the sunnier times. If you prefer visiting the district during summer time, you can spend some quality time with your friends, significant other, family or just by yourself, without any challenges. The same goes for the spring time which is in fact the peak season for Cappadocia. Then again, fall time could be very romantic for you in which you can utilize the setting for your honeymoon, maybe? Although winter is the least popular time to visit Cappadocia, the region is such a sight to see when covered with snow. Even if the weather is against the odds, any time is more than okay to visit the area, especially if you have booked a room in one of the best luxury hotels in cappadocia.

Must See Places in Cappadocia

Thanks to its grand history marked with many different civilizations from Hititians and Persians to the Byzantines, Cappadocia comes with a variety of places to explore. The list is quite long, however, in order to keep it nice and short you may consider visiting the top recommendations for the region which are as follows:

  • Ihlara Valley: Situated in the Güzelyurt county of the city of Aksaray, Ihlara Valley has approximately fifty monolithic churches within its borders. These include the Selime Cathedral, Jacinth Church and The Serpent Church. There are various religious depictions in these churches in the form of frescoes as well. Not to mention the other rock-cut buildings available which show that in the ancient times, there had been a very lively society in this area.
  • Göreme Historical National Park:One of the superstars of the Cappadocia region, the Göreme Historical National Park became a UNESCO World Heritage Site in 1985. There are various interconnected underground settlements from the early Christian era in this historic site. Also, the water and wind eroded the land structures here, which resulted in the emergence of world-famous fairy chimneys. If you are interested in discovering the beauties of Göreme, it would be best if you booked a room in one of the hotels in Cappadocia Göreme.
  • Derinkuyu Underground City:Derinkuyu is a multi-level underground city which has a depth of approximately 85 meters. This underground city has enough space to shelter approximately 50.000 people, alongside their livestock and storages of sustenance. Most of its origin remains in mystery, however, it was believed to be built in 3000 B.C. during the rule of the Assyrians. It is said that there are around 500 underground cities in Derinkuyu with 600 exit doors in total.
  • Pigeon Valley:A popular spot for trekking, and yoga activities, Pigeon Valley is one of the best locations for watching the beautiful sunset in Cappadocia.
  • The Hair Museum: Surely one of the most interesting places to be while in Cappadocia, the Hair Museum consists of an exhibition of the hairs donated by the former visitors of the district. As its origin story goes, the former lover of the owner of the shop of which the museum is part, leaves a tuft of her hair before she departs for France, her hometown. After that, the women visiting the shop start to leave a tuft of their own hair as a commemoration.
  • Love Valley:Yet another great location for watching the sunset, Love Valley takes its name after being a popular spot for marriage proposals. It is also the ultimate destination for taking Pinterest worthy photos!
  • Ortahisar Castle:The largest fairy chimney in the whole Cappadocia region, Ortahisar Castle manages to impress with its majestic appearance. This fairy chimney was shaped by the humans during the Hittite for protection.

Cappadocia Honeymoon Hotels

If you are newly wed seeking a place to share the love with your significant other and crown your marriage in a spectacular setting, then Cappadocia makes a great choice with its wide spectrum of lodging alternatives! Although the options vary, the top recommendation for a top-notch holiday experience often comes through the luxury hotels in Cappadociawhere you can expect to find excellent service quality and experienced staff. Since the region is a hot spot among honeymoon couples, some hotels also offer special hotel deals and packages. Some, for example, offer free restaurant passes for fine dining whereas some propose customized room decorations with jacuzzi options or free spa seances. Cappadocia is already one of the top places to be for a romantic honeymoon getaway for newly weds and it owes its international reputation not only to its spectacular nature but also to the quality of its hospitality.

What to do in Cappadocia?

As a multilayered topography, there is just so much to do and see in Cappadocia including the following activities:

  • Hot Air Balloon Tours: The most iconic symbols of Cappadocia are no other than hot air balloons found in almost every picture and photograph of the region. The hot air balloon tours which tourists love typically include fairy chimneys, the lovely site of Göreme and various other significant landmarks around the Cappadocia region. Also, you can consider booking a room in one of the best hotels in Cappadocia to see balloons, as there is a high demand for these hotel rooms for their astounding views!
  • Göreme Tour:It is always a pleasure to go, wander around Göreme, through the old structures of both early Christians, bronze age times and of course the rock formations.
  • Nightlife: Nightlife in Cappadocia is mainly supported by the local places in Göreme and Avanos, which consist of classic bars, night clubs and also fine dining places that also serve their locally made selections of wine.
  • Pottery Workshops:A classic for a Cappadocia trip, you can make your own souvenirs in the pottery shops and enjoy your time in this remarkable region to the fullest.

How to Get to Cappadocia?

Cappadocia isn't a challenge when it comes to transportation either. If you choose the airway as a mode of transport, you can easily get to Cappadocia through the airports located in the nearby provinces, namely Kayseri (Eriklet International Airport) and Nevşehir (Nevşehir Kapadokya Airport). From these airports, however, you will need private vehicles or shuttle services to reach the area. It is good to know that some hotels offer transport to and from the airport which is something you should take into consideration when making arrangements for your accommodation. It goes without saying, flight tickets might turn out to be quite expensive especially if you leave it to the last minute. Therefore it is advisable to book your flight as early as possible, and preferably during the off-season when the prices tend to be lower. The main road is also widely preferred to get to Cappadocia both by the medium of intercity buses and private or rental cars. However, you should note that the journey might take a while depending on your initial location. Although it is a long drive, watching the changing scenery of this special geography is worth all the trouble, to say the least!

Bus Stations in Cappadocia

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