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İsabeyli, a neighborhood in the Nazilli district of Aydın, stands out as one of the most visited places in Nazilli. İsabeyli is 37 km away from Aydin city center.

When you start your journey to reach İsabeyli, you first reach the bus station. There are public buses that you can reach İsabeyli from here. There are bus lines that will allow you to reach Aydın city center from Nazilli Bus Terminal.

İsabeyli bus companies

There are many companies within its scope such as Aydın Turizm and Efe Tur.

Places to Visit in İsabeyli

There are many options for places to visit in İsabeyli:

Nazilli Çobanlar Waterfall:
  • The waterfall, located at the top of İsabeyli Dam, attracts nature lovers as a natural beauty hidden in lush green nature.
  • Yeşildere Historical Bridge:İsabeyli bus schedules
  • Located 2.5 km away from İsabeyli, which you can reach via , the bridge welcomes its visitors as a historical ruin intertwined with nature.
  • What to Eat in İsabeyli?İsabeyli bus ticket

    Unique flavors you can taste in the neighborhood that you can reach by purchasing:

  • Pitas with cheese, kashar, egg, minced meat and tahini, which is unique to the region and consumed as a dessert, are cooked over wood fire and offer you a unique taste.
  • Rounding:
  • The dish, which draws attention with its resemblance to manti with its yoghurt sauce and dough, is among the local delicacies with its appearance and unique taste.
  • Where to Stay in İsabeyli?

    There are many apart and boutique hotels where you can stay in İsabeyli. İsabeyli hotels, which stand out with their comfortable accommodation facilities, offer you an unforgettable holiday experience with the services they offer to meet all your needs.

    Accommodation venues that will offer a holiday that meets your expectations are waiting for you.

    İsabeyli bus ticket prices

    You can browse and make your İsabeyli hotel reservation. If you want to choose the airline

    Aydin flight tickets

    You can take.

    Aydin flights

    Then you can come to your hotel and start your stay.

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