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Information About Incesu

LAND AREA 874 km²
CITY Kayseri

Things You Need to Know After Buying the Incesu Bus Ticket

İncesu is a district of Kayseri that stands out with its historical ruins. It attracts attention with its Cappadocia-like architecture, but it is known by few people because it is not as popular. If you want to be one of those people who know little, you can purchase your İncesu bus ticket via obilet.com.

İncesu bus services are provided by many travel companies. You can see all of these companies in detail on obilet.com and compare prices and features between them. You can buy your İncesu bus ticket from the company that suits you best.

Where to visit in İncesu?

You should definitely visit the historical buildings in İncesu. You should see the Kara Mustafa Pasha Social Complex and its mosque, bazaar, bathhouse and caravanserai.

Viranşehir Roman Tombs, Kırklar Lair, Tintin Lair and Tekgöz Bridge are historical and architectural structures that must be seen.

What to eat in İncesu?

Like many places in Central Anatolia, the grapes of this place are famous. That's why you should definitely do grape and wine tasting.

As a district of Kayseri, its manti are also delicious. Don't forget to try meat manti, cheese manti, squeezed manti and onion manti.

Don't leave without trying the Ekmek Ashi dessert.

Where to stay in İncesu?

Since it is a small town, there are no accommodation options other than a teacher's home and 2 hotels.

İncesu should definitely be discovered with its vineyards and historical areas. You should buy your bus ticket via Obilet.com and go exploring.

It is one of the districts with the highest population of Kayseri.


is a district whose history cannot be determined exactly through research. Judging by the carved motifs on the Rock Tombs and Cave walls around it, it is thought that its history dates back to centuries before Christ.

The fact that this district was located on the Baghdad Silk Road route in history enabled the economic development of the district and the province. İncesu is one of the largest districts of the province. The reason for the cultural differences is that Muslims and non-Muslims live together in the district.

What You Need to Know After Buying a Bus Ticket to İncesuyu

İncesu bus ticket

If you bought it, you should know that you are going to visit a settlement whose history dates back to ancient times.

Kayseri İncesu

There are many historical and cultural places to visit and see. During the migration exchange as a result of the Treaty of Lausanne, many migrations took place in this district, and economic change occurred as well as historical and cultural activity.

If you come here, you can see all these changes, visit the places within the provincial and district borders, and taste local dishes. You can attend the İncesu grape festival held on the first Saturday of September.

5 Reasons to Visit İncesu

  • Tasting Kayseri Spoon Ravioli
  • Seeing Mount Erciyes
  • Visiting Sarıgöl
  • Camping in the İncesu stream area
  • Participating in the İncesu grape festival
  • Places to Visit in İncesu

    There are many historical places and cultural beauties worth visiting in Kayseri İncesu. Chief among these are; Erciyes Mountain, Byzantium Monument, Sarıgöl, İncesu Stream. Other places to visit in İncesu are Sheikh Turasan tomb, Kara Mustafa Pasha complex, Viranşehir Roman tombs, Tekgöz bridge.

    What to Eat in İncesu When the famous Kayseri is mentioned, the first thing that comes to everyone's mind, regardless of the district, is the wonderfully delicious Kayseri Spoon Ravioli, which contains forty pieces in a spoon. If you come to İncesu, which has a magnificent cuisine with everything from meat dishes to pastries to desserts, you should definitely eat Nevzine Dessert, lead vaccine, lubrication, sausage meatballs, fenugreek bread, stuffed vine leaves with quince and tahini, knotted dessert, and yoghurt dessert.

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