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Things You Need to Know After Buying the Habur Bus Ticket

Habur is located in Silopi, one of the 6 districts of Şırnak. Habur Border Gate is also located here and represents the Türkiye-Iraq customs border. Habur region is 32 km away from the city center. If you want to reach this region, you can choose minibuses departing from Şırnak center.

Habur bus companies,

It brings visitors directly to Şırnak. Among the most well-known companies are Mardin Travel and Cizre Nuh.

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After looking, you can choose the one that suits you and come to this region.

Places to See in HaburHabur bus ticket

The places you can buy and visit in this historical region are as follows:

Yılmaz Güney Park:
  • You can have a nice day by coming to this park, which becomes more beautiful with the spring season.
  • Noah Nebi Mosque Madrasa:
  • Although the exact date of this madrasah, which has been repaired many times, is unknown, it is said to have been built by the Seljuks in the 13th century.
  • Kasrık Gorge:
  • This strait, which is an important passage on the Cizre-Şırnak highway, also serves as a recreation facility.
  • What to Eat in Habur?Serbidev:
  • Serbıdev, made with cracked wheat, hot butter and ayran, is one of the most famous dishes of the region.
  • Meyre:
  • Meyre, one of the famous dishes of Şırnak, prepared with ayran and beaten meat, is a soup usually served as a starter.
  • Şimşıpe:
  • Şımşıpe, a type of stuffed meat, is one of the most popular dishes of the region.
  • Habur bus services
  • It is recommended that you come to the region with one and taste these dishes.
  • Where to Stay in Habur?Sirnak flight ticket

    Once you have received it, you can make your hotel reservation before arriving in the region. There are many star hotels in the region. You can stay in either 5-star or 2-3-star hotels.

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    After choosing any of them, you can arrange your accommodation and have a historical trip.


    It is the transition point between our country and Iraq and is a very important place for our country. because exports to Iraq are made from here. Especially when we look at the recent figures, all kinds of products manufactured in many cities of Turkey, from Tekirdağ to Fethiye, from Konya to Samsun, pass from here to Iraq. In this way, it has become a job opportunity for many workers.

    Things You Need to Know After Buying a Habur Bus Ticket

    If you happen to be in Habur or

    bus ticket

    If you are thinking of traveling to Habur and its surroundings, you need to pay attention to some points for travel. It is very important to know which transportation options you will use, especially from where you land at the terminal, to the region you want to go to, in order to save time. You can choose one of the minibuses, taxis or private shuttles to reach Habur from the terminal.

    5 Reasons to Visit Habur

  • There are magnificent natural beauties that you can see in Habur and its surroundings.
  • To go to Iraq, you must pass through Habur.
  • It is a pleasure to meet and chat with the friendly people of Habur.
  • You can visit it for the local flavors of Şırnak and Silopi districts.
  • You can visit to enter Turkey from Iraq
  • Places to Visit in Habur

    It is among the places that attract attention in terms of both historical and natural beauties. There are natural beauties in Habur and its surroundings that local and foreign tourists want to see. Yılmaz Güney park, which hosts guests with its natural beauties and magnificent nature in the region, has natural beauties that you all want to see and areas where you can do various activities. You can have the opportunity to examine the historical heritage and beauties of the region on site.

    What to Eat in Habur? What is it famous for?

    Habur, which is the border gate between Türkiye and Iraq


    If you travel by car or happen to be here, you should definitely take a break at the restaurants and eat kebab. There are local delicacies in Habur and Silopi that suit the palate of local and foreign tourists. Kutlık, Serbidev, curtain pilaf and kipe are the most famous local delicacies of the region.

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