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Things You Need to Know After Buying the Guzelkent Bus Ticket

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It is 89 km away and located within the borders of Türkeli district. Located in the Black Sea region, the district is at the coastal passage surrounded by forests and the sea. The district's economy is based on tourism, agriculture and animal husbandry, as well as the cultivation of forest products.

In addition, chestnuts, walnuts, grapes, olives, wheat, barley, cherries, corn, figs, plums, mulberries and many other vegetables are cultivated in areas suitable for agriculture. Accordingly, beekeeping and fishing are also engaged in throughout the district, and their economies are supported.

What You Need to Know After Buying a Güzelkent Bus Ticket

Güzelkent is one of our districts that can be considered as a rare beauty, with its historical resources as well as wonderful reflections of vegetation and sea visuals. That's why we went to Güzelkent town

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The natural landscapes are enjoyed non-stop.

In addition, the holiday is enhanced by the magnificence of surfing by going to the entertainments held in the region. In addition, you can reach the sparkling town with its deep blue sea from the center of Sinop with numerous vehicles. In addition, you can go to the town of Güzelkent with the shuttles offered by the bus companies in accordance with the regulations.

5 Reasons to Visit Güzelkent
  • It can be preferred as the region is an excellent holiday destination.
  • It can be visited to do different kinds of activities in its nature and beach.
  • Since the distance between the town and the district to which it is connected is 7 km, you can go there for both holiday and historical trips.
  • It can be preferred for picnics and walks in the dense forests of the town.
  • You can go there to explore the historical riches and monuments in the immediate surroundings of the district or to make religious tourism trips.
  • Places to Visit in Güzelkent

    Güzelkent, one of the small and valuable towns of Sinop, is among our special districts with its natural visuals and its sparkle, which is more active in the summer months as it is a coastal city. In addition, there are no ruins or works of historical importance in the town.

    Following this, the Valide Sultan mansion, parks and beach in the town are worth seeing. In addition, the Helaldi stream flows into the sea from the central point of the town.

    What to Eat in Güzelkent? What is it famous for?

    Güzelkent seaside resort


    You can have a peaceful holiday among natural views. In addition, you should definitely try nokul and stuffed pan, which are among the delicious flavors of the region. In addition, you should not leave without trying Islama, spoon stickers, corn soup, pumpkin mille and matzo.

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