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Gunlubasi, a district of Foça District of Muğla's Fethiye district, is known among the public for being a quiet and serene place. The region, which is suitable for summer tourism, is among the favorite places of holiday lovers. Çalış Beach, which has a 4-kilometer coastline and is one of the most famous beaches in Fethiye, is located in this region. There are 8 avenues, 3 boulevards, 2 squares and 170 streets within the body of Gündebasi.

When you start your journey to reach Güngünbaşı, you first arrive at the bus station. There are minibus and bus services to go to Muğla city center from the bus station.

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Within this scope, Luxury Aksel Tourism and Pamukkale Tourism come to the fore.

Places to Visit in GünaybaşıCalis Beach:
  • Calis Beach, one of the symbols of Gunlubasi and one of the most famous beaches of Fethiye, fascinates its visitors with its long coastline and unique blue.
  • Duck Island:
  • This island, located near Calis Beach, allows its visitors to enjoy the unique view with its walking path and seating areas.
  • Fethiye Castle:Daily bus services
  • Fethiye Castle, which you can reach via , is located on a high hill.
  • What to Eat in Gündebasi?Babadağ Keşkeği:
  • Babadağ keskek, one of the most famous dishes of Fethiye, is consumed by boiling lamb meat and wheat and turning them into a paste.
  • Basin Pastry:
  • Local cheese and herbs are added to the filling of this large, tray-sized pastry.
  • Ölemeç Soup: Daily bus ticket
  • This soup, which is one of the first flavors you should try after reaching the region, is also known as manti soup.
  • Where to Stay in Günaybaşı?

    There are many boutique and apart hotels in Gungunbasi where visitors can stay. Aiming to provide an unforgettable holiday to its visitors with the facilities it offers, Gündeş hotels help ensure a comfortable stay. Holiday lovers who want to come to the region

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    You can browse and make a reservation for the hotel you want.

    Visitors prefer transportation by air, which is another alternative.

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    can receive. holiday lovers

    , Mugla flights

    After arriving in the city, you can easily reach your hotels.

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