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CITY Muğla

Things You Need to Know After Buying the Guards Bus Ticket

Bekciler District, located in Seydikemer district of Muğla, stands out with its rural structure. Bekciler District, where agriculture and sheep farming are carried out, offers its visitors an environment that makes them experience the sincerity of Anatolia.

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Your bus allows you to reach Seydikemer Bus Terminal.

There are also public transportation vehicles going to the city center from Seydikemer Bus Terminal. Metro Tourism,

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Places to Visit in BekcilerBekciler bus services

There are buildings worth visiting in the area you arrive at. Some of them:

Tlos Ancient City:
  • This historical structure, which includes a theater and rock tombs, is also known as the Lycian City Ruins. It attracts attention with its archaeological value and is waiting for its visitors.
  • Saklıkent Canyon:
  • Saklikent canyon; It is among the deepest canyons in the world with its unique natural view, roaring waterfalls and depth reaching 300 meters.
  • Pınara Ancient City:
  • Pınara Ancient City, which has its name on the UNESCO World Heritage Tentative List, is located on the Lycian Way.
  • What to Eat in Bekciler?

    We have listed some of the flavors that you can enjoy with your loved ones during your trip.

  • Keskek dish, cooked with meat or chicken, is known as a delicious local dish that will be remembered.
  • Seafood:
  • Sea beans, which has become widely known lately, comes to your table as an appetizer. If you wish, you can also choose it as a salad.
  • Tarator with Green Olives:
  • Tarator, which is the symbol of the Aegean and known to be made of olives, takes its place at the center of the breakfast tables in Bekciler.
  • Where to Stay in Bekçiler?

    There are many hotels around Bekciler that offer deluxe, suite and boutique room options where you can stay. You can also look at the unique beauty of nature from your room window and breathe in fresh air.

    Bekciler bus ticket prices

    You can review the website and then make a hotel reservation.

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    You can choose Bekçiler for a fun holiday plan with your loved ones.


    is a neighborhood of Seydikemer district of Muğla province. This region is approximately 211 km away from Muğla province and 81 km away from Fethiye district. The regional economy is generally based on animal husbandry and agriculture. It is very easy to reach the region, which is located on the Fethiye-Antalya road (asphalt).

    What You Need to Know After Buying the Watchmen Bus Ticket

    for watchmen

    bus ticket

    After purchasing it, you should know that beautiful nature and delicious local food await you. Additionally, potatoes are very famous and important for this region.

    In fact, a Potato Festival is even held in this regard. If planning can be done when purchasing a ticket, you can have a pleasant time by participating in this festival. Enjoyable competitions, local culture and a fun time await visitors.

    5 Reasons to Visit Watchmen

    If we look at the reasons to visit the guards, these are;

  • Seeing the natural beauties of the region,
  • Taste the local flavors of the region,
  • Participating in the Potato Festival, if it can be arranged on suitable dates,
  • To have a quiet and peaceful seasonal holiday,
  • Thanks to its easy transportation, you can also visit the surrounding districts and provinces.
  • Places to Visit in Bekciler

    for watchmen


    What you need to know after purchasing is that this is a very small area. It is necessary to travel this place from beginning to end and get acquainted with the local culture very closely. Stone houses should be seen, natural beauties should be examined and long walks should be taken here.

    In this way, the region can be explored slowly and a closer interaction with the local people can be achieved. The culture of a place is the people living in that area. Bekciler region is also an ideal place in terms of local cultural richness.

    What to Eat in Bekciler? What is it famous for?

    As it is well known, Bekciler is famous for its potatoes. However, when you go to Bekçiler, the thing you cannot leave without eating is the kuku kebab. One cannot get enough of the taste of the slowly cooked and soft meat.

    The local people in the region are quite specialized in this field. You should definitely try the kuku kebab during your visit to Bekciler. You can also accompany it being done. Local people have a very clear stance on this issue.

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