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Atatürk Dam, the 6th largest dam in the world in terms of filling volume, offers a unique view to its visitors. Atatürk Dam Facility is located between Adıyaman and Şanlıurfa provinces. It is known that with the completion of the dam built for energy and irrigation purposes, Atatürk Dam Lake, the third largest lake in Turkey, was formed. Astor Turizm, Metro Turizm and Öz Gülaras Turizm are preferred

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It is among.

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Atatürk Dam is among the dams of great importance for our country. The dam is known as the largest dam in Turkey and even Europe. Facility; It is located 51 km from Adıyaman and 24 km from Bozova district of Şanlıurfa, and it is known that the facility was built on the Euphrates River. Atatürk Dam, which has a unique view, attracts many visitors. you too

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You can have the opportunity to see the facility by looking at the options or Adıyaman flight ticket options.

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When you travel by or with a plane ticket and arrive in the region, different features of the region await you. Atatürk Dam is an important dam for both the region and the country. There are also social facilities and picnic areas around the dam, which is the largest dam in Europe and Turkey. There are also many observation terraces on the dam. There are also food and beverage areas around the dam. you too

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You can visit the facility by checking out the options or bus ticket options.

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or when you stop by the facility as a result of a bus trip, you encounter the places to visit in and around the facility. you too

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You can benefit from these facilities of the facility after evaluating the flight ticket price options and making your choice. It is possible to list the places to visit in and around the Atatürk Dam Facility as follows:

Ataturk Dam:
  • Atatürk Dam, which is of great importance for our country, hosts many visitors. There are different social facilities and picnic areas within the dam, which has a unique view. Visitors who want to spend time in touch with nature do not leave the region without seeing the facility.
  • Atatürk Dam Observation Terrace:
  • The observation deck within the dam offers visitors the opportunity to watch the unique view from above.
  • Ataturk Dam Lake:
  • Atatürk Dam Lake, which has the title of Turkey's third largest lake, is among the regions that attract visitors.
  • Çarmelik Caravanserai:
  • Located in Şanlıurfa's Bozova district, 20 km from the facility, Çarmelik Caravanserai is among the frequent destinations of visitors interested in history.
  • Titriş Caravanserai:
  • Titriş Caravanserai, a work from the Ottoman period, is also among the areas that attract visitors in Bozova district.
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