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İşbank MaxiPoint and Installment Campaign

İşbank MaxiPoint and Installment Campaign

Get a chance to earn 50 TL MaxiPoint for your first purchase of 500 TL or more, or 100 TL MaxiPuan for your first purchase of 1,000 TL or more with Maximum! Plus, enjoy the opportunity to pay in 3 installments at the cash price!

From 16 November 2023 to 25 December 2023, when you use your Maximum-enabled credit or debit card from obilet website or the obilet mobile app to make a single payment or installment purchase for plane/bus tickets or hotel reservations totaling 500 TL or more, you can earn 50 TL MaxiPoint for your first purchase of 500 TL or more, or 100 TL MaxiPoint for your first purchase of 1,000 TL or more! Plus, take advantage of the opportunity to pay in 3 installments at the cash price!

Campaign is subject to terms and conditions.

Campaign Terms and Contions:

  • The offer is valid between 16 November 2023 and 25 December 2023.
  • A customer can benefit from the offer only once and can earn a maximum of 100 TL in MaxiPoints.
  • Purchases made with İşBank Maximum feature credit cards (Maximum, MercedesCard, Maximiles, Maximiles Black, Maximum Genç), İşBank Bank Cards, and MaxiPara Cards are included in the offer.
  • Transactions made with Commercial Bank and Credit Cards, Fee-free Cards, transactions using Maximum Opportunity, MaxiPoints, and Maximiles, transactions not made through Maximum feature POS devices, product cancellation and return transactions are not include in the offer.
  • Purchases made with supplementary cards are included in the campaign, and the earned points will be credited to the primary card associated with the supplementary card. The primary cardholder must participate in the campaign.
  • For transactions made with bank cards, the amount will be reflected as MaxiPoints.
  • The offer is not valid for car rental services, Metro Tourism and BBBus bus companies, and ferry ticket purchases.
  • The offer is only applicable to transactions paid via the obilet website or mobile application; it is not valid for reservations made at the facility or paid later.
  • The installment campaign is not valid for payments made abroad and does not include international flights or hotel stays.
  • The service provider’s own rules and conditions apply. Obilet Bilisim Sistemleri A.Ş. and Türkiye İş Bankası A.Ş. cannot be held responsible for issues arising from these companies or legally under their responsibility.
  • Türkiye İş Bankası A.Ş. and Obilet Bilisim Sistemleri A.Ş. reserve the right to change, suspend, or cancel the campaign scope, duration, and terms without prior notice.

How to Benefit from the Campaign?

  • Simply click the "JOIN" button in the "Campaigns" section on Maximum Mobile or İşCep. You can participate at any time during the campaign period (before or after your purchase).
  • Your MaxiPoints will be credited to your most recently used card on 10.01.2024. The last usage date for MaxiPoints is 29.02.2024.
  • If the most recently used credit card under the campaign is a Maximiles feature credit card, MaxiPoints can be converted and loaded as redeemable MaxiPoints and can be used either as MaxiPoints or MaxiMiles. Points loaded onto Maximiles cannot be used to close Advance MaxiMiles.
  • You can use your earned MaxiPoints at Maximum contracted member merchants.

In Case of Cancellation and Returns:

If purchases made during the campaign period are canceled or the purchased product/service is returned, the loaded MaxiPoints will be withdrawn. The campaign does not grant any vested rights to customers.

Additional Conditions:

Display of Maximum Mobile thresholds are for informational purposes and does not include refund and cancellation transactions. İş Bankası records will be the basis for loading reward MaxiPoints. The primary cardholder will also earn points from purchases made with supplementary cards within the campaign scope.