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Located on the northern slopes of the Armutlu Peninsula and the Samanlı Mountains, Yalova is a city in the northwest of Turkey. Coloring the southeastern point of the Marmara Region, Yalova province which has 6 districts, is also adjacent to the cities of Kocaeli and Bursa which are other frequented points of the country. Çınarcık, Altınova, Merkez, Armutlu, Termal and Çiftlikköy districts of this city welcome travelers with their unique atmospheres.

Yalova which has a long coastline is a very popular spot among those who want to spend time on the beach or who want to have a holiday experience where silence prevails even in the summer months. It is a city where you can participate in various activities and is also one of the most preferred addresses by camping enthusiasts alongside those who enjoy nature walks. Thanks to hotels in Yalova Turkey you can have quality time away from the crowds of the city and at the heart of nature. It’s safe to say that Yalova allows every moment to be enjoyable and full, promising a one-of-a-kind holiday experience to travelers.

Top 5 Places to Visit in Yalova

Yalova, one of the most popular summer destinations in Turkey, has many valuable attractions that you can visit during your holiday. Harmankaya Natural Park, Atatürk Mansion, Yalova Kent Forest Double Waterfall, Erikli Plateau, Walking Pavilion, Bottomless Lake, and Open Air Museum are at the top of many lists.

  • Atatürk Mansion, which was built by Mustafa Kemal Atatürk in 1928 and completed only in 38 days, is one of the most interesting points of the city. The mansion, where authentic items belonging to the period are preserved, continues to host its visitors all days except Mondays.
  • Archaeological studies carried out at various points of Yalova, which has a deep-rooted history dating back to 3000 BC, revealed the impressive history of the city and unearthed some historical artifacts. The items and artifacts unearthed in the excavations are still exhibited at the Open Air Museum in Yalova Center. The Open Air Museum is worth a visit for history lovers or for those who want to learn about the city.
  • The ‘Walking Pavilion’, the pavilion which was famously dragged forward 5 meters by the request of Mustafa Kemal Atatürk in 1929 in order not to cut the branch of a plane tree, is a very popular sightseeing point. The Walking Pavilion, which fascinates travelers with its story and architecture, accepts visitors between 10:00 and 17:20.
  • Located in the district of Çınarcık, Dipsiz (Bottomless) Lake is one of the popular points that allow travelers to breathe rich forest flora and find solace. Also, you might want to consider Yalova hotels in the Çınarcık district near Dipsiz Lake for a serene holiday opportunity.
  • Erikli Plateau, where nature lovers prefer to set foot, is a natural area in the Çınarcık district. Erikli Plateau, which has a hiking trail surrounded by trees such as apples, lindens, and chestnuts, is also home to multiple waterfalls. It is one of the most popular spots in Yalova as well as it is one of the ideal places for those who want to create a day trip route.

Accommodation Options in Yalova

In addition to the growing sea tourism in the area, Yalova is also an important center for health tourism in the country thanks to its thermal waters believed to be healing for the body. Therefore, accommodation options in Yalova, which is considered to be one of the most important tourist points in the Marmara Region, are quite varied in response. Yalova has an important advantage with its concept hotels that come with different holiday packages, and a wide selection of services, and amenities. Depending on the choice of the visitors, one can opt for 5-star luxury hotels, or rather prefer camping areas to be more in touch with nature which is common in the area. Bungalows andthermal hotels in Yalovamake the most popular lodging types in the area followed by boutique hotels thanks to their high quantity as well as quality services. The price range varies according to the number of accommodation days and the scope of the service offered by the hotel, however, it is rather easy to find cheap hotels in Yalova Turkey, to say the least.

Best Hotels in Yalova

Although it is a small province, there are quite many places to explore in Yalova. The city, where every season of the year brings different colors continues to be one of the frequented points of travel enthusiasts. As a result of its growing popularity, there are many accommodation options in Yalova that are dedicated to providing the best service possible. Especially boutique hotels in the area make up most of the best hotels in Yalova Turkey, promising a cozier and more peaceful holiday experience to their guests seeking solace. Here you can start your day with a traditional Turkish breakfast in the morning and have dinner in the property's restaurant. In these boutique facilities, where services such as breakfast, Internet Access, and parking are usually free, check-in is generally at 13:00 and check-out is at 12:00.

Hotels in Yalova city centerare, on the other hand, mostly preferred by those who want to facilitate transportation between the places on their route. Some of the quality hotels are indeed located in the city center, offering top-notch services. Such enterprises have various services such as free parking, wifi access, indoor and outdoor swimming pools, massage centers, open buffet breakfast options, pool or lobby bars, restaurants, spa centers, hot springs, fitness centers, steam rooms, and saunas as well as Turkish baths. The scope of their services alongside their central location render them the best hotels that can be found across Yalova.

Hotel Prices in Yalova

Hotels in Yalovamay vary in price depending on certain factors such as the location of the hotel or the number of stars it has as well as the duration of the stay and the scope of services offered by the hotel. The season is yet another factor that directly affects the prices, however, Yalova hotels bookingin advance can be helpful for finding affordable accommodation. You can always search for special hotel deals or consider booking either in advance or during the off-season. The good news is that Yalova is not an expensive city, welcoming visitors with different budgets. And the options for accommodation are quite varied, meeting almost every possible need and expectation.

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Dock Capacity Distance to the City Center Transportation
Armutlu 125000 10 km Ferry
Ihlas-Armutlu 215000 50 km Ferry
Yalova 235000 32 km Ferry
Esenkoy 32000 15 km Ferry
Cınarcik 170000 17 km Ferry