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Hotels in Marmaris

One of the most popular holiday destinations in Muğla province, Marmaris receives millions of visitors every year, especially during the summer months which is the peak season for the region. Also referred to as the Turquoise Coast, Marmaris is the ultimate place to have an enriched vacation in which you can participate in different activities such as parasailing, snorkeling, diving and sightseeing. Not to mention its open air clubs, bars, and exclusive beach parties! Since the demand is high, Marmaris hotels come with a wide spectrum of options appealing to different preferences and budgets. Hotels in Marmaris make sure their guests are more than content with their stay, often providing several additional services such as medical facilities, retail stores, boardrooms for business meetings, and areas for private events like birthdays, and weddings. Generally speaking, hotels in Marmaris range from 2 star hotels to 5 star luxury hotels. Although deluxe quality hotels are more commonly preferred in the area,cheap hotels in Marmarisstill remain a solid option for those who are on a tight budget. On the contrary, if you are seeking a premium stay, you can opt for 5 star hotels in Marmaris which stand out with the scope of their services of high quality and excellent hospitality. Regardless of your choice of accommodation, a vacation in Marmaris will turn out to be something extraordinary without a doubt. A combination of spectacular nature, exquisite beaches, colorful streets, and friendly local people can never go wrong!

Marmaris 5 Star Hotels

5 star hotels are among the best accommodation options if you can’t do without luxury during your stay. These hotels are dedicated to give their guests the best experience with luxury amenities such as spa and wellness centers, Turkish baths, dry cleaning services, private pools, on-site shopping centers, kids clubs, and nightclubs. The rooms of 5 star hotels in Marmarisare well equipped with all the standard facilities including a hair dryer, a tea and coffee maker, a TV, and internet access alongside luxury amenities such as jacuzzi and private balcony. You can also try some of the best dishes both from the local and International cuisine at their restaurants. When luxury hotels are mentioned, the ones operating with an all inclusive concept are the first to come to mind. As a matter of fact, hotels in Marmaris all inclusiveare quite popular among travelers who want to make the most of their holidays benefiting from a wide range of services. All inclusive hotels are also appealing in that their all-in-one packages don’t require any additional charges. That being the case, these types of hotels are often regarded as the best hotels in Marmaris. It goes without saying, you can still stay at deluxe resorts even if you are budget conscious thanks to seasonal opportunities and early reservation options.

Must See Places in Marmaris

The port city of Marmaris is situated where the Aegean Sea and the Mediterranean Sea meet. This popular tourist destination has more than ninety thousand residents but easily quadruples its population during its high season. With its thriving nightlife, Marmaris is well known for providing non-stop entertainment. In addition to its stunning bays and beaches where you can enjoy the sea, sun, and sand trio to the fullest, there is much to see and do in Marmaris. Marmaris is in fact filled with many places to explore such as ancient cities and historical landmarks including:

  • Dalyan River:The place where history and nature welcomes you, Dalyan River is the number one stop of daily boat tours. Here you can wonder at the ancient graves on the rocky mountains while journeying through the serene waters of the Aegean Sea.
  • Marmaris Museum: Housed within an amusing piece of architecture which is no other than an old castle, Marmaris Museum offers an opportunity to enjoy an extraordinary view of the sea and the town below. Here you can expect to see artifacts from different periods from Classical and Hellenistic periods to the Byzantine era.
  • Marmaris National Park: After a half an hour journey from Marmaris district center, you can reach some of the most serene and unspoiled beaches in the region. In addition, it is in close proximity to Paradise Island and Cleopatra Island which is known to have the finest sand in the world.
  • Grand Bazaar:Surely an authentic experience above anything else, Grand Bazaar of Marmaris is a great place to buy souvenirs both for yourself and your loved ones back at home. Plus, you can enjoy some traditional Turkish food in the restaurants in and around the bazaar.
  • İncekum Beach:Widely appreciated for its crystal clear and shallow water, İncekum is located in Çamlı Village in Muğla. The beach has an entrance fee, however, it is quite affordable.

The Best Beaches in Marmaris

Above all, Marmaris is the place where the blue meets the green. In fact, its world-famous natural beauty is the number one factor that boosts its popularity.

Correspondingly, beaches are the top destinations for leisure time and enjoyment in Marmaris. Not to mention, they usually don’t demand any entrance fee, allowing you to enjoy the sea while being alone with nature. If you choose one of the hotels in Marmaris on the beach, you can not only easily reach the sea but also you can bless your eyes with the captivating view ahead. Some of the bays and beaches you can consider visiting are as follows:

  • Sedir Island:Also known as Cleopatra Island, Sedir Island is famous for the beach made of seashells. According to the legend, the sand of this beach is brought for Cleopatra by the ships coming from the Red Sea. The island is located on the north of Marmaris, 18 kilometers away from the city center.
  • İçmeler Beach:Providing a great variety of options such as parasailing and canoeing, İçmeler Beach is the favorite beach of many for a reason. Here you can enjoy the most beautiful tone of blue besides participating in aforementioned activities without having to change locations.
  • Bozburun:A cozy seaside town in Marmaris, Bozburun is the perfect place for a quality holiday away from the crowds. It is rich in pristine bays and beaches where you can immerse yourself in the sea. Also, you can opt for hotels in MarmarisTurkey located here if you are looking for a more exclusive holiday experience.
  • Kızkumu Beach:One of the most interesting places in Marmaris is surely Kızkumu Beach with its shallowness and red sands. Since the water here is quite shallow, families with kids often prefer swimming here.
  • Hisarönü Bay:Half an hour away from the district center, Hisarönü Bay is a solid option looking for coolness as it is surrounded by lush pine trees. It is also suitable for trekking and camping activities.

Marmaris Accommodation Options

Marmaris owes its reputation partly to the diversity of lodging options. Alongside its natural beauty, a perfect blend of the richest blue and green, the district also stands out with the choices it presents. Family hotels in Marmaris, for example, are widely preferred not only by families with children but also by larger groups of people who are seeking quality services and vaster spaces to settle in. In-suite facilities and interconnected rooms are the primary features that make them appealing for their target group. Likewise, Marmaris is among the top destinations for the newlyweds looking for an exclusive holiday opportunity to celebrate their marriage. For that reason, adults only hotels in Marmaris shine out among the other alternatives for accommodation in the district. These hotels are especially great for having a quality time in privacy with your partner. Not to mention, they often either have a private beach or are located near the seaside. Last but not least, luxury hotels in Marmaris charm many guests with their perfect position by the sea, spacious rooms with chic designs, luxury amenities, and experienced staff that speak multiple languages. If you are the type of person who enjoys staying within the boundaries of the hotel and benefit from its facilities, then luxury hotels would be an ideal option as they offer a wide range of services.

How to Get to Marmaris?

Marmaris hotelsare such a relief since they come with many options to choose from. But what about transportation? Is it challenging to get to Marmaris? Not at all! Since the district receives considerable attention especially from international visitors, there are several alternatives for transportation. Not surprisingly, the main means of transport is the airway for which Dalaman International Airport is used. After you land at the airport which is one of the busiest airports in the whole country, you can easily reach Marmaris district center via shuttles and rental cars. As for a cheaper alternative, you can also use intercity buses departing from the different parts of Turkey to reach Muğla. From the terminal you can get to Marmaris which is approximately 60 kilometers away from the city center via different mediums including private vehicles, taxi, or public transport according to your convenience. Depending on your starting point, the journey through the main road can get long though! However, it is surely to turn out quite pleasant due to the marvelous geography and the picturesque nature of the Aegean region.

What to do in Marmaris?

After you book a room at hotels in MarmarisTurkey you can start searching for what to do to make the most of your holiday for which you are in great luck!Marmaris is nothing short of a paradise on earth, but its charm is not limited to its natural beauty. There is just so much to do in the district ranging from water sports to boat tours, or from sightseeing to swimming on its virgin bays.Here ere are some of the activities that you can do while in Marmaris:

  • Shopping in the Grand Bazaar:Bustling at all times of the day, Grand Bazaar is filled with stores selling leathers, rugs, jewelry, local food, and souvenirs. For example, Marmaris honey and Turunç jam, which are two of the most well-known products in the area, make practical gifts.
  • Boat Cruises:Joining daily boat cruises is one of the coolest things visitors can do while on a vacation in Marmaris they take the visitors to the surrounding bays, islands and beaches.
  • The Jeep Safari Tour: The jeep safari tour is one of the most popular outdoor activities you can do in Marmaris. It is an exciting adventure along the rocky, muddy, and dusty mountain roads, rivers, and trails that pass through Marmaris. Not only the jeep safari tours offer a pleasant voyage full of adventure and adrenaline, but also the chance to view the surroundings of the district such as Bozburun peninsula, the Gulf of Gökova, Turunç, Akyaka, and Akbük.
  • Water Sports:For those who enjoy adrenaline and water sports, Marmaris remains a great spot. The most popular water sports visitors engage in are jet skiing, parasailing, canoeing, windsurfing, skiing, and scuba diving. It is also good to know that Marmaris Municipality maintains a semi-olympic swimming pool in Marmaris.
  • Cycling or Mountain Biking: One of the most enjoyable things to do in Marmaris is cycling or going on a mountain biking excursion. Within a 30 km radius of Marmaris, there are innumerable picturesque towns, villages, and mountain roads that visitors can explore by bicycle. By mountain biking in Marmaris, visitors may discover the region's natural splendors and enjoy traveling along the roads that are blessed with breathtaking views.

What to Buy in Marmaris?

A vacation in Marmaris is sure to earn a time-proof place in your heart and naturally you might want to bring something back to your home to commemorate a time well spent. The district has many goodies and local specialties you can purchase as souvenirs both to yourself and your loved ones. The list is quite lengthy, however, jewelry would be by far the most popular present. In and around the district you can find many artisan shops and boutiques where you can buy different kinds of jewelry such as high end silver bracelets and earrings. As cliché as they are, trinkets such as Marmaris themed magnets, mugs, and keychains are true classics when it comes to buying presents. As for more practical gifts, on the other hand, you can opt for buying jams made of regional fruits, honey, and centaury oil which has been acknowledged to be curative since ancient times. You can buy many more at the local shops and bazaars in the district, but note that the area in which the marina is the best for shopping.