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Hotels in Kaş

Located in the west of Antalya, Kaş is a breathtaking holiday destination in Turkey. This charming and peaceful town whose history dates back to 2000 BC, will give you a completely different perception of summer vacation. Kaş has been essentially a quiet summer spot for those who enjoy the serenity. But it has become more and more popular over the last decade. Thanks to its warm and sandy beaches, inviting turquoise sea and cute cafes in the town center, visitors can't get enough of Kaş. This being the case, the number of hotels in Kaşhas increased considerably over the years. Apart from having friendly and helpful staff, Kaş hotelsbecome prominent with their exquisite facilities and unparalleled service. Many hotel managements in Kaş pay extra attention to details such as comfort and hygiene for they aim to make their guests as comfortable as possible during their stay. Therefore, you may actually consider them to be the best hotels in Kaş.Speaking of excellent service and facilities, you will have the best of everything at boutique hotels in Kaş where you can find more privacy. In terms of location, design, room decoration, and guest satisfaction, boutique hotels are of a different category, to say the least. Regardless of your budget and accommodation preference, you can have a modest and peaceful holiday in Kaş.

Kaş Must See Places

Kaş is far beyond being the classic sea-sand-sun holiday destination. Every year, both local and foreign tourists are welcomed to this idyllic coastal village. Due to its location on Turkey's Mediterranean coast, it typically has mild weather. As there are many stunning natural and historical sites in and around Kaş, you may want to learn more about this town before you visit.

  • Kaş Long Bazaar:You should see the shops selling silver accessories, handmade traditional bags, and souvenirs in the bazaar in the center of Kaş. For your information, many of the cheap hotels in Kaşare located near this authentic bazaar together with aparthotels in Kaş both of which are highly recommended for a more economic holiday experience.
  • Hidayet Bay:This bay is mostly covered with rocks, but as long as you wear sea shoes that should not be a problem for you to enjoy its clean and warm sea. It is important to note that there’s a facility nearby so you should not worry about where to eat.
  • Ufak Dere Bay: Situated in the Fakdere region, this bay is famous for its tranquil sea. If you haven’t checked accommodation in Kaşyet, how about camping in Ufak Dere Bay? Ufakdere camping is frequented by those who love to camp. Given its safe and clean environment, you will love it here.
  • Museum of Lycian Civilizations:If you are interested in history, you may spend hours here. You may learn more about several facets of the Lycian Civilization at this museum, which was built in the Andriake Ruins.
  • Saklıkent Canyon:The canyon is about 18 kilometers long and one of the most impressive places to see in Kaş. After walking for a while along the stream flowing at the entrance of the canyon, you will continue on a wooden platform. You should definitely wear sea shoes, otherwise, you may fall or slip while walking in the canyon.

How to Get to Kaş?

Since Kaş is a relatively distant route, you may think that transportation can be a bit of a hassle. It is certainly not difficult yet surely requires extra attention. This lovely town is located in such a place that it is actually quite practical and possible for visitors to get there by plane, car, or bus. In terms of transportation, it's definitely a lucky route for visitors. Once you arrive at either Dalaman Airport or Antalya Airport, you can then safely travel to Kaş via airport shuttles. From these two airports to Kaş, it will take approximately 2 hours. During peak seasons, plane tickets might get very expensive though. For that reason, you may consider buying your plane ticket earlier. Kaş is quite far away to travel to especially by car and intercity bus in case you are going to set off from a distant city. However, it is also a fact that Kaş bus ticket prices are cheaper than flight tickets. So, at some point, your vacation budget will decide how you are going to travel to Kaş. Additionally, buying your tickets online may help you save up money as many online websites offer early booking discounts and deals.

Historical Sites in Kaş

The nature of Kaş is absolutely magnificent, not to mention its exquisite blue green sea. Still, this is also a place where you can see the remnants of the past. Thanks to its long and interesting history, you will come across several historical sites and ruins in Kaş. That is exactly why you should add this colorful town on your summer list. If you are interested in history, here is a brief list of places in Kaş you will enjoy visiting:

  • Kekova Sunken Ruins:Can you imagine anything more impressive than swimming in crystal blue water surrounded by underwater ancient ruins? Kekova Island is a wonderful sight, but you can only get there by boat. Therefore, you are advised to contact well-known and reliable companies that organize boat tours to the island.
  • Ruins of Kaleköy: Kaleköy was built in the ancient Simena. The castle constructed on top of the ruins of the ancient Simena fortress is captivating.
  • Basilica of Saint Nicholas:In the heart of Demre, on the coast of the Mediterranean, stands the Church of Saint Nicholas. Widely known as Santa Claus around the globe, Saint Nicholas was a famous figure in history whose compassionate approach toward the poor had a symbolic meaning.
  • Ruins of Myra:You will see how the Greek and Lycian tombs were mysteriously scattered among the steep in the ancient city of Myra. One of the historic places that tourists photograph the most is this one.
  • Ruins of Arykanda:With its breathtaking views, Arykanda is where you will be mesmerized by the outstanding views of temples, basilicas, and tombs. While visiting the ruins, it is impossible not to admire the engineering genius of the time.

Kaş Accommodation Options

Kaş is a marvelous place where you can find way too many options in terms of hotels. If you are going to visit this holiday paradise, you are advised to book hotels in Kaş in advance. As it’s a very popular place, it might be a bit difficult to find the best place for your vacation if you leave it to the last minute. Besides, thanks to early booking options, you can save money and free yourself from the worry of finding a nice hotel at the same time. Are you seeking something extra to give you the best Kaş experience? Well then, you should definitely consider staying at hotels in Kaş by the beach. Apart from the hypnotizing sea views, you will enjoy the advantages of being so close to the beach and the sea. Also, if you are newly married and want to have a romantic honeymoon with your special one, you can prefer honeymoon hotels in Kaş.Other than honeymoon hotels, you can have a look at adult only hotels in Kaşfor they will provide the same type of privacy and comfort for you.

The Best Beaches in Kaş

Kaş has some of the most wonderful beaches in Turkey. Thousands of people visit Kaş every summer only because they want to see and enjoy its blue flag beaches. Would you like to enjoy the beaches to the fullest? Then you can consider staying at a bungalow in Kaş. Some of the best beaches in Kaş can be listed as:

  • Patara Beach:Being the most well-known beach, Patara has a heavenly atmosphere. There you can see the protected natural habitat of Caretta Carettas. To enter the beach, you need to pay an entrance fee though.
  • Akçagerme Beach:Akçagerme has a blue flag. It is roughly 200 meters long and covered with pebbles. There you can enjoy the warm and clear sea. There is no entrance fee because this beach is free to use for everyone.
  • Büyük Çakıl Beach:It is recommended to wear sea shoes on this beach. Büyük Çakıl Beach is in fact one of the beaches where the sunset looks the most beautiful. You can find facilities nearby the beach where you can eat and drink while enjoying your quality time. In case you are going to travel by car, you should know that there is a car parking lot where you can park your car. For those who wish to unwind and calm their spirits, this beach is perfect.
  • İnceboğaz Beach: It can be said that this beach, which has a shallow sea, is mostly preferred by families with children. Speaking of which, families with children often worry about where to stay. Family hotels in Kaşwill be a great choice for families who look for an amazing experience that combines coziness with sightseeing. You can reach many of the beaches in Kaş including İnceboğaz Beach by car from your hotel. All in all, just like every other beach in Kaş, İnceboğaz Beach is where you will enjoy the clean sea, ease your mind and watch the blue sky.

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