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Hotels in Fethiye

Whether you are going on a holiday with your friends or family, or to a business trip, it is guaranteed that the hotels in Fethiye will make your stay better. As it is a popular tourist destination, there are several standards for hotels in Fethiye to comply with in order to give their guests the best experience. The facilities that the hotels in Fethiye offer are numerous and more often than not quite luxurious. Hotels in Fethiye range from 1-star hotels to 5-star hotels. While 1-star hotels are mostly preferred by visitors who are on a budget and do not want to spend too much on accommodation, 5-star hotels are mostly preferred by visitors who want to receive quality service. Fethiye hotelsoffer so many options for visitors, that’s for sure. For those who have financial concerns, cheap hotels in Fethiye Turkeymake more suitable options. Fethiye hotels bookingin advance, on the other hand, might allow visitors on a budget to have a luxury holiday experience without overspending.

On the contrary, if the visitors are not on a budget, they can prefer staying at 5-starhotels in Fethiye, which offer many features to their guests. Luxury hotels in Fethiye Turkeyprovide such extensive services to their guests as exclusive benefits, such as VIP rooms, private pools, bars, spas, saunas, Turkish baths, and so on.

What to Do in Fethiye?

Fethiye is among the most popular holiday destinations not only in Turkey but also in the world thanks to its islands, sandy beaches, and beautiful bays that draw considerable attention. Fethiye provides its visitors with the opportunity to get away from the endless hustle and bustle of cities and have a wonderful holiday surrounded by natural wonders and magnificent views. There are countless must-see places to visit and fun activities to do in Fethiye including the following:

  • Paraglide over Ölüdeniz Lagoon: A geological wonder, Babadağ towers over Ölüdeniz on Turkey's southwest coast, creating the perfect paragliding conditions. Ölüdeniz receives the attention of millions for a reason and has been classified as one of the best locations in Europe, especially by people who are interested in cross-country paragliding, meaning that if you are also interested in it, Ölüdeniz is a place worth visiting and paragliding.
  • Hike in Saklıkent Gorge: Many tourists flock to the area to take a stroll inside the gorge for the spectacular view of the majestic rocks found here. A wooden boardwalk runs along the cliffside, high above the river, as the trail enters the gorge. To access the final stretch of the route, you should cross the fast-moving river directly, and then proceed through the tight crevice to the waterfall at the end.
  • Joining cruise tours: One of Turkey's most picturesque natural harbors is located in Fethiye which is also a popular starting point for daily boat cruises. You can join a three-days boat cruise, but if you don't have time for a three-day cruise, there are various one-day boat cruises offered for the visitors that take off from Fethiye harbor.
  • Visiting Fethiye Museum: For visitors who are interested in history and culture; or rather those who love spending time in museums, Fethiye Museum is an excellent place to be informed on Lycian history. There you can find many pieces that date back hundreds of years as well as panels clearly explaining the cultural and historical importance of Ancient Lycia.

How to Get to Fethiye?

Muğla’s one of the most populous districts, Fethiye has numerous ways that facilitate transportation to the area. Buses travel directly to Fethiye 24 hours a day, so it is possible to find a bus for the journey ahead. At the same time, using the airway to get there is quite simple too. The area is accessible from a number of cities thanks to Dalaman Airport, which is close by. It takes around 1 hour and 15 minutes from Istanbul and approximately 1 hour and 20 minutes from Ankara. On these routes, many roadways can be used to go to Fethiye with ease, both by air and by land. If you want to use individual transportation options, it is easy to rent a car from a car rental service and get to Fethiye. You can simply turn on navigation on your phone and follow the road. Thanks to this way, you will be able to see many places while you are traveling to Fethiye, all the while enjoying its beautiful landscape.

Fethiye Accommodation Options

Fethiye is one of Turkey's best-known vacation spots because of its rich historical and cultural legacy, as well as its outstanding natural beauty. It is also one of Turkey's most significant sources of tourist revenue. Since weather conditions are mostly warm for a long period of time there, it is possible for the visitors to go on vacation for a significant portion of the year. In Fethiye, there are numerous accommodation options. In light of the scope of their features and the number of stars that they have, it is safe to say that hotels in Fethiye Turkeyare surely among the best hotels in Turkey. Additionally, there are hostels and tent camping areas in most of the areas in Fethiye, especially appealing to backpackers. The best hotels in Fethiye Turkeyoffer the best quality service for visitors and often they have the perfect locations. Boutique hotels in Fethiyeare another popular option for visitors. They are mostly preferred for their exclusiveness and calmness. These hotels tend to operate with bed and breakfast concepts while some also provide dinners. All-inclusive hotels in Fethiye, on the other hand, cover everything from accommodation to limitless food and drink service. Since hotels with this concept eliminate the worry about paying the extras, they are widely preferred by visitors. Fethiye offers diverse options when it comes to accommodation; therefore, it is really up to visitors' needs and expectations from a holiday.

The Best Beaches in Fethiye

Summer vacation is by far the most popular type of holiday as far as the tourism of Fethiye is concerned thanks to its spectacular beaches where you can enjoy nature to the fullest, sunbathe in serene surroundings, read your book against the soothing sound of the sea waves, and take a quality walk. Going to a beach is surely the best way to rejuvenate yourself, getting rid of the stress of daily life. Many visitors, in fact, flock to the area each year to enjoy the legendary trio of beach, sea, and sun. There are numerous famous beaches in Fethiye on which you can spend time alone, or with your family and friends. The list of the best beaches in Fethiye includes:

  • Akmaz Beach:Akmaz Beach is located just outside of Fethiye city center and it is among the beaches thanks to the serenity it is surrounded with. It would be a great choice to enjoy the sea to the fullest, especially if you are seeking some peace and solace.
  • Belcekız Beach / Ölüdeniz Beach: Given that it is a public beach and hence there is no entrance fee, Ölüdeniz Beach is one of the most popular beaches in the whole region. The sea is stunning, but it is also rough and wavy at times. Although you can bring your own sunbed and umbrella, you can also always opt to rent them.
  • Çalış Beach: The busiest beach at the heart of Fethiye is Çalış Beach which doesn’t charge any entrance fee either. It covers a huge area and along the beach, there are various resorts and eateries. The water here is wavy, and the beach is stony.
  • Ceviz Beach: One of the most well-known beaches in Fethiye is Ceviz Beach, which has a clear sea devoid of waves surrounded by walnut and pine trees. This beach is not stony and has silky golden sand.

The list of beaches to prefer in Fethiye can certainly go on and on, however, to narrow down the choices you can also check out the following:

  • Kıdrak Beach
  • Küçük Samanlı Beach
  • Kumburnu Beach
  • Şövalye Island

It goes without saying if you do not have an umbrella to protect you from the sun, or a lounge to sit back, you can always rent umbrellas and sunbeds at affordable prices on these beaches.

The Best Bays in Fethiye

Bays in Fethiye are among the best bays in Turkey, and even in the world. They are so precious that so many of them have been protected under the status of national parks and construction on these bays has been strictly prevented. Due to this strict protection, most bays in Fethiye have been able to maintain their natural beauty. As a result, many visitors are eager to come to these bays and enjoy the beautiful scenery. The best bays in Fethiye can be listed as:

  • Kabak Bay:It has around 200 meters of a coastline which does not include any facilities. The water is often warm there which is an important criterion that affects its popularity.
  • Karaot Bay:It has a clean beach and even clearer water. Hence it is visited by many tourists each year. It also has a beautiful view which brings out the best of vacation photos!
  • Katrancı Bay:It actually consists of two bays, visited and enjoyed by many tourists each summer. The sea is quite warm and clean in Katrancı Bay like many other beaches in the same district.
  • Turuncu Pınarı Bay:It is covered by trees and other natural beauties, offering an amazing view for its visitors who are looking for an opportunity to lie under the sun and enjoy the sea.

Fethiye Hotel Prices

Fethiye hotel pricesdepend on various factors. The first and foremost factor influencing a hotel's price is the number of stars it has. Fethiye hotel prices change according to the star evaluation system, which means while one-star hotels are cheaper and more affordable to accommodate, five-star hotels are not as cheap as them. Early booking is another option that visitors can benefit from. When they book their hotels at the end of the summer, or during winter, they can find cheaper options for the upcoming summer. So, instead of booking a hotel during the hot season, it is more affordable to book one during fall or winter in advance. You can also search for discounts that some hotels offer during fall and winter. If you get a discount during those seasons, the price of the hotel will be even more affordable for you. The location of the hotels directly affects the prices as well. Naturally, everyone wants to stay in a hotel that has a nice view, is near the city center, and is in a safe area. For these reasons, hotels that have nice views, especially the ones by the seaside, tend to have higher prices. So, if you are planning to go on a vacation on a budget, it is highly recommended that you plan ahead and follow hotel deals during the off-season.

Ancient Cities in Fethiye

Fethiye has been used as a settlement by communities since prehistoric times due to its favorable climate and strategic geographical location. When the Lycians settled in the region, they started to be called "Telmessos". Persians dominated the region in the 6th century BC and Alexander the Great occupied the region in the 4th century BC. After the death of Alexander the Great, Ptalomus, king of Egypt, dominated the region, but this did not last long. After a short time, the region changed hands and was included in the borders of the Roman Empire and started to be called Meğri (Makri). The region, which was conquered by the Mentees Principality in 1282, was included in the Ottoman borders in 1424. After the proclamation of the Republic, the town got its current name in 1934. The name Fethiye comes from Fethi Bey, one of the first pilots of the Republican period, who was martyred in Teberiye in 1913. People want to know about the past and see pieces that have been excavated throughout history. Fethiye contains several ancient cities that should be seen by people who are interested in history and want to broaden their horizons. These ancient cities in Fethiye can be listed as:

  • Araxa Ancient City
  • Ancient City of Telmessos
  • Sidyma Ancient City
  • Ancient Rock Tombs
  • Tlos Ancient City
  • Pinara Ancient City
  • Letoon Ancient City

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