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Avşa is an island that is located in the Marmara region of Turkey, within the boundaries of Balıkesir, a city in the southern part of the region. It is a popular summer holiday destination thanks to being easily accessible from every city in the Marmara Region and having such beautiful beaches where you can swim in the crystal clear blue waters. Serene, barely uninhabited beaches, cozy villages, a beautiful coastline, and a bustling nightlife full of fun, everything you’ll ever expect from a holiday can be found on this lovely island of Avşa.

Must See Places in Avşa

  • Avşa Bays
  • Avşa Beaches
  • The Hagios Georgos Monastery
  • Yiğitler Village
  • Wine Factories
  • Avşa Coastline
  • Nightclubs

The thing is Avşa is a lovely island where you can find anything you expect from a summer vacation.

  • The beaches and bays of the island are especially recommended to nature lovers. Altınkum, Kumtur, Çınaraltı, Tavşanlı, Karadut, and Mavi bays/beaches are the ones that are preferred the most by the visitors, however, you can always check out the others. Alongside their clean and sandy beaches, most of them also have cafes and restaurants where you can enjoy your food while watching the beautiful sunset after a long day.
  • The Hagios Georgos Monastery is a historical ruin left by the Greeks that inhabited the island back in the day. It’s about 1.5 km away from the center and you can either walk there from the port which takes about 30 minutes or take a taxi instead, for a 5 minutes-long drive. This monastery is thought to consist of two floors and 80 rooms. The place also has a nice, uninhabited beach where you can relax after some historical sightseeing.
  • Yiğitler Village is the perfect spot if you want to enjoy your time by the beautiful bays of Avşa, in a more silent atmosphere compared to the town center. Yiğitler Village is mostly free of the fast-paced clubbing and full-of-entertainment life of the Avşa center. Not to mention, most bays of Avşa can be found here. Also, the more modest hotels in Avşa are here and they are great options if you want to reside in a place that functions based on the Islamic lifestyle. Women-Only Beach, a beach where only women can enter is located in the Yiğitler Village.
  • Avşa is famous for its vineyards and naturally, it is one of the top wine-producing locations in Turkey. If you are interested in wine degustation, it is highly recommended that you visit the vineyards as well as wine factories in the area. It’ll certainly bring a different taste to your Avşa trip
  • It certainly doesn’t come as a surprise that the best place to watch the sunset on Avşa island is along its coastline. Here you can take long walks, dine in restaurants, go shopping, and many more, all accompanied by the beautiful sunset view.
  • One thing that stands out in Avşa is its lively nightlife. Turkey’s biggest open-air disco and many more great nightclubs are all gathered in Avşa, to offer you the best of entertainment during your visit. There are options for people who don’t enjoy nightclubs too.

The Best Beaches in Avşa

  • Altınkum Beach: Altınkum Beach is located in the Yiğitler Village and is by far the most famous beach in Avşa. Soft, golden-colored sand, a clear sea, and water sports such as jet skiing and canoeing, all can be found here. Karadut Beach is also located in the Yiğitler Village which makes this town almost the number one location in Avşa among travelers.
  • Kumtur Beach: Kumtur Beach is less populated than Altınkum Beach and is a great spot for relaxing and taking sunset photos with the beautiful lighthouse accompanying the scenery. Keep in mind that the minibus service to Kumtur Beach is less frequent than services to the other beaches.
  • Çınaraltı Beach: Çınaraltı Beach is another popular option with its easy access, clear sea, and restaurants located around the beach. You can either take a minibus from Avşa center or a taxi to get there.
  • Tavşanlı Beach: Tavşanlı Beach is a relatively small bay but it’s still a favorite among visitors. You might want to get there in the earlier hours of the day to find a spot since the beach doesn’t have enough space for large crowds.-
  • Women-Only Beach: Women-Only Beach is a beach where only women can enter and it’s the most popular spot for the residents of the modest hotels. You can get there by the minibusses that go to the Yiğitler Village.
  • Mavi Beach: Mavi beach is on the left side of the Avşa port and Avşa hotels by the sea can be found here. You can enjoy the beach during the day and then rest in your hotel room with a great sea view.

How to Get to Avşa?

It’s fairly easy to get to Avşa from many parts of Turkey as there are multiple options you can choose from. Given that Avşa is an island, you will have to use the seaway. You can take the ferry from İstanbul, Tekirdağ, and Balıkesir-Erdek to reach Avşa. If you’re taking the ferry called “IDO” from Istanbul, you have to go to either Avcılar, Bostancı, or Yenikapı ports. The journey to Avşa from Istanbul takes less than 4 hours. Taking the ferry from Tekirdağ (a city close to Istanbul) and Erdek (in Balıkesir province) is also possible and it’ll take about 2 hours.

You may now wonder how to get to Balıkesir or Tekirdağ in the first place. The answer is simple: You can use rental cars, the bus, the train, or the airplane from İstanbul to Balıkesir. Balıkesir bus tickets and Balıkesir plane tickets are known to be relatively cheap so it makes the journey all the more convenient. From Balıkesir city center you can take a bus to Erdek or you can take the ferry from Istanbul Yenikapı port that’ll take you directly to Erdek. Getting to Tekirdağ is just as easy, you can use a car, the bus, the ferry, and the airplane from İstanbul at affordable prices.

If you want to rent a car, you can find various car rental options in Erdek and Bandırma districts since Avşa island has no car rental service. If you decide to rent a car in Erdek and Bandırma, you can pass to Avşa via the Gestaş ferry.

Hotels in Avşa

You can find a residence for all kinds of needs and preferences in Avşa, ranging from 5-star hotels to bungalows, hostels, and boutique hotels. Most of the best hotels in Avşa are located close to the center, allowing tourists to easily move between their sightseeing routes. Regardless of your choice of location, accommodation in Avşa will leave you satisfied, that’s for sure!

You can even find 5-star hotels with aqua parks in the center and these hotels come with restaurants, bars, gyms, and almost anything you expect from a luxury hotel. Avşa hotels in Yiğitler Village mostly operate as boutique hotels and hostels. Hostels in Avşa, on the other hand, come with mini kitchens, satellite tv, air conditioners, and free wifi. The same opportunities exist in boutique hotels in Avşa as well. You can also find bungalow hotels in the Monastery region of Avşa.

Avşa Hotels Prices

Avşa hotel prices are mostly on the budget-friendly side, high-end ones included. Cheap hotels in Avşa can be found anywhere and the prices go around 20%-40% cheaper thanks to early reservation options. You have to keep in mind that most hotels are open only during the summer season, so you might not be able to book a room in certain hotels in Avşa during other months of the year. Any type of hotel you’re going to book in Avşa is going to be satisfactory at a good price.

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