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ПЛОЩАДЬ 750 km²
ГОРОД Karabük

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Hotels in Safranbolu

Located along the beautiful Black Sea Region of Turkey, Safranbolu is an amazing place to plan to visit. From wondrous ancient sites that will ensure you learn all about Safranbolu and the region's history to amazing natural wonders that will have your jaw-dropping, Safranbolu is a spectacular vacation destination! Safranbolu is a bit out of the way regarding standard tourist routes, so if you want something more central and plan to take a day trip to this region, there are tons of different Karabük hotels and Karabük bus ticket options to consider. Karabük is a larger city near Safranbolu, making it a great destination to enjoy! For those who want to stick to this town, there are many different hotels in Safranbolu, Turkey, to choose from!

About Safranbolu

For those who are hoping to learn all about the history of Safranbolu and visit all of the stunning sites this city has, you will not be disappointed in the variety of options available. The town's name comes from the herb saffron, which is actually native to the area and is included in many of the local dishes. From the ancient historical sites that can be found in this region to the majestic views of the surrounding Black Sea Region, traveling to Safranbolu should be on your list of places to visit when in Turkey.

How to Get to Safranbolu?

The nearest major town to Safranbolu is Karabuk, and you can arrange a transfer to the region from the nearest airport that you fly into. Be sure to contact the hotels in Safranbolu to find out if they offer transfers. If you are already in Turkey and would like the chance to see more of this stunning country, you could also look into the various Safranbolu bus ticket options available. These bus tickets will ensure you get to Safranbolu safely from various destinations around Turkey!

How is Urban Transportation in Safranbolu?

The public transportation in Safranbolu is made up of a local bus service that runs to many of the most popular spots in and around the town. This service is easily accessible to those near a bus stop, so when looking for hotels in Safranbolu, check whether it is near any of these stops. For those who are staying in less accessible parts of the town, you can either use a taxi service or hire a car for the duration of your trip.

Hotels in Safranbolu: Where to Stay in Safranbolu?

There are several different hotels in Safranbolu and other accommodation options to consider. When deciding where you want to stay and what type of accommodation in Safranbolu would most suit your holiday, it is important to consider the facilities offered and the location. With a wide range of hotels in Safranbolu, you can be sure that you will be spoilt for choice regarding the accommodation options in the region.

What are the Must-See Places in Safranbolu?

There are tons of different places to visit in Safranbolu, and you are sure to have a variety of activities to enjoy while exploring this region. Here are a couple of the top spots to be sure you include on your holiday itinerary!

  • Houses of Safranbolu: Many of the houses in Safranbolu are said to have survived since the 17th and 18th centuries, offering a unique look into the favored architecture of this time. Around 200 of these houses have been turned into a museum of sorts, allowing travelers to explore these different spots and venture in to see the style of this period!
  • Tokatlı Canyon: For those hoping to get in a hike while on vacation in Safranbolu, a visit to the Tokatlı Canyon should not be missed! With many beautiful walks, a waterfall, and a stunning little cafe, this could be a spot where you spend the day!
  • Safranbolu Coppersmiths Bazaar: Bazaars are an amazing part of Turkish culture, and when you venture to Safranbolu, you should consider venturing to Safranbolu Coppersmiths Bazaar. With many unique products on offer and the chance to have a truly Turkish experience, be sure to include a stop here when traveling through this region.
  • Bulak Mencilis Cave: This network of expansive caves has around 400 meters of the cave open for the public to explore. These networks of caves hold a ton of history, and a tour of them would offer you the opportunity to learn more about the history of this region.

What to Eat in Safranbolu?

There are many famous dishes in Safranbolu, and you can be sure that you will get the true taste of Turkey when visiting the various establishments and restaurants in the region. Be sure to try out local spots rather than just sticking to the hotels in Safranbolu. This will ensure you get the most authentic experience possible and try delicious local dishes that are sure to have your mouth watering!

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Safranbolu Otogarı Barış Mahallesi Safranbolu Otogarı 78600 Safranbolu/Karabük

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