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One of the major cities for Turkey’s summer tourism, Antalya hosts many natural and historic beauties within. For starters, there is Side, Alanya, Kaş and Kemer districts, one more beautiful than the other. There is even more to that: in Kemer, there is an acclaimed village called Beldibi which is nothing short of a paradise on earth. Located between Antalya and Kemer, being only 22 kilometers away from the center of Kemer, Beldibi is a place of utmost beauty and hence a perfect spot for a summer holiday well spent at the heart of nature. Welcoming its visitors with its bluest sea, heavenly sky, impeccable flora, pleasant weather, quality hotels and beaches, Beldibi is the pearl of Kemer for a reason. There are various resorts to reside in and also very interesting ancient historical sites to explore as a curious tourist. Speaking of resorts, the hotels in Beldibiare unmatched in terms of their locations that bring the best of natural aesthetics and scope of their services. Accommodation in Beldibi is in fact among the many factors that boosts economic growth of the district as well as it promotes the popularity of Beldibi. Thanks to the wide array of options available, the hotels in Beldibi Kemerare never a regret; there is only bliss that comes with the serenity of the beaches in Beldibi.

Must See Places in Beldibi

  • Beldibi Cave:On the piedmonts of the mountain in which the Akyarlar Tunnel goes, scriptures have been found which consist of animal and house paintings dating back to the Old Stone Age. There have been other cultural items found such as flint stones as well. Being an archaeological site open to the public, it is possible for you to visit it whenever you want to. This cove is known to be the second most important center in Antalya of Prehistoric ages. As a 24/7 open archaeological site for tourists, Beldibi Cove fascinates its visitors with its unique carvings of different animals and figures. If you are an avid person who is interested in the history of civilizations, this is your opportunity!
  • Beldibi Mosque:Being a mosque situated on a coast, Beldibi Mosque welcomes its visitors with its unique architectural aesthetics which consists of a perfect color pattern that is in harmony with the building materials which have been used in its construction. Seen as one of the main attractions in Beldibi, a tour of this mosque can be considered as a small break from the sea, sand and sun.
  • The Beaches: Whenever Antalya is mentioned, stunning bays and beaches come to mind first. And Beldibi is no exception. The beaches in Beldibi are blue flagged showing their safety and quality; their sands are golden, proving that it is a great joy to lay down on them. Moreover, the best hotels in Beldibioften have private beaches where you can have a premium experience.

What to Eat in Beldibi?

  • Local Appetizers:As it is commonly known, Mediterranean cuisine is highly rich in appetizers referred to as “mezze”. You can try some of the best examples of Mediterranean mezzes that are made with several different ingredients such as eggplants, tomatoes, spinach, parsley, yogurt, etc. These dishes are not only quite light and tasty but they also make great options for the vegetarians!
  • Famous Food of Turkish Cuisine:Having menus consisting of various Turkish dishes such as kebab and its variations, meat and chicken dishes, soups and other options, the local Turkish restaurants in Beldibi can give you a taste of world-famous Turkish cuisine.
  • Kabak Çintmesi: Being a delicious zucchini meal which is prepared with onions, green pepper, tomatoes and olive oil, kabak çintmesi goes hand in hand with yogurt which is commonly consumed in the whole country.
  • Palize: Made with cornstarch, sugar, milk, and vanilla, palize is one of the symbols of local cuisine in Beldibi. Since it is a kind of a milk pudding, palize is quite light and hence highly preferred to crown a good meal!

Beldibi Accommodation Options

Every tourist has a hard time deciding what kind of an accommodation to opt for especially if there are a handful of options on the table. Some like the idea of settling in near the sea to bless their eyes with the magnificent view ahead. Likewise, those who plan on going to Beldibi for their vacation are advised to book among beach hotels in Beldibito have a unique holiday experience. Those who have tight budgets, on the other hand, can prefer cheap hotels in Beldibi where they don’t have to sacrifice their comfort even if they don’t get to make the most of luxury services offered by the quality resorts. In accordance with the types of hotels, the price margin also changes naturally. To elaborate further on the Beldibi hotel prices, it is safe to say that you can find an option according to your preferences despite the flexibility of price ranges that depend on certain factors such as the hotel ratings and their locations. All you need to do is to decide what kind of accommodation or holiday in general you are looking for, and then stay on the lookout for seasonal opportunities as well as special hotel offers.

What to Do in Beldibi?

Above anything else, Beldibi is a place in which you can freely give yourself to the joy of sea, sand and sun trio! Then, there are quad safaris which route from Beldibi to Göynük as well if adventure sports are your cup of tea. Adding to these activities, if you are passionate about history and archaeology, you should consider paying a visit to the Beldibi Cave to observe the colorful paintings on the walls that have remained from the ancient times. Or you can sit at one of the tranquil lounges of the boutique hotels in Beldibi and sip on your refreshing drink, just having a well-deserved quality time with yourself! Whatever you end up doing there, Beldibi will surely manage to charm you. Even a short walk on the shore or in one of its magnificent beaches will be enough to rejuvenate you, giving you peace of mind. Therefore, the main thing to do in this lovely coastal village is no other than enjoying its natural beauty to the fullest.

Beldibi Vacation

Is it summer already? Have you made any plans yet? Then, rush to make a reservation as no one would like to stay at home in summer, especially if you are a connoisseur of beautiful places such as Beldibi. Located in probably the most popular summer destination in Turkey which is Antalya, Beldibi receives considerable attention from both the domestic and international tourists thanks to its serene nature and quality hotels. As a matter of fact, Beldibi hotelspromise a premium stay in seclusion from the crowds. Especially if you are a vacation lover who prefers staying within the boundaries of a hotel and profit from its many services and amenities, Beldibi would be an ideal place for you. The town promises privacy and enables you to be one with its pristine nature. Apart from enjoying its sea and sun, you can also visit ancient sites which date back to the Stone Age to learn more about the history of the greater region heavily influenced by the Lycians. From lying on the beach to exploring nature, Beldibi can provide you with all of that. The only need is for you to buy a ticket and book a room in advance, just in time before all the hotels are fully booked in the peak season. Hurry!

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